About Guangzhou Vercon Technology

Vercon smart mirror factory is located at Guangzhou High-tech Development Zone. They are good at combining Interactive Technology into advanced hardware design and manufacturing.

In 2011, the group started to produce Capacitive Touch Screen of Industrial Grade in Guangzhou. In 2013, under IoT technology development, we produced the 1st generation of smart mirror which is called “Magic Mirror”. Smart Mirrors with rich functions became star products after a smooth blending of hardware and Interactive Technology. For now, Vercon can monthly deliver 4,000 bathroom smart mirrors and 3,000 fitness smart mirrors respectively.

As a stable smart mirror supplier, the product line: Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror (2022 new product series), Smart Mirror TV Bathroom, Smart Fitness Mirror, Smart Security Mirror, Smart Makeup Mirror, and Smart Mirror Cabinet. The production capacity of the touch panel which is a core component of all series of smart mirrors, reaches 500,000 sets per year.

Besides hardware manufacturing and assembling, they also provide complete solutions for hardware customization, software testing, and installation.

Vercon smart mirror factory has grown from a small plant with a few employees to an influential manufacturer operating advanced production lines supported by 150 employees.

Development History:

2011 ~ 2012 Starting producing Capacitive Touch Screen for industrial use.

2013 ~ 2015 The 1st AI Magic Mirror was produced.

2016 ~ 2017 The 1st Class 100 Clarification Workshop for smart mirrors was built.

2018 ~ 2019 The brand “Vercon” was built and a new marketing organization was founded. Strategy cooperation with JD.com and SKYWORTH.

2020 ~ Now Expande clarification workshops. More investment to increase production capacity.

The industry chain Vercon built:

  • Self-produced mirror-touch panel
  • Self-produced motherboard
  • Self-developed OS and Apps
  • Modular design for fast production and delivery
  • Hardware & Software solutions for OEM/ODM smart mirror projects
  • 100 level of clarification workshop. 1000 level of clarification workshop

How do Vercon people work in Vercon smart mirror factory?

There are 1 Clarification Workshop of level 100 and 4 Clarification Workshops of level 1000 respectively in Vercon’s smart mirror factory. They carry out lean production management. From inspecting incoming materials (Sensors, lens, SCA and Control board, etc.) to completing function tests, we carry out each step strictly according to the mature procedure.

How does Vercon produce the mirror screen?

Below is the process we produce the mirror screen part of smart mirrors. The mirror screen is the core component of a smart mirror. This process relies on technicians’ high-precision work and strict process monitoring to improve the yield rate.

How do they assemble a smart mirror?

The work in Assembly lines is much different from the one in Clarification Workshop. The latter relies on complex machines and specialists operating machines. To fulfill bulk orders quickly, the former relies on plentiful skillful young workers and highly-efficient management. Vercon periodically provides professional training to workers.

After 10 years of dedicated production and IoT research, Vercon became a top smart mirror supplier that built a stable industry chain. A lot of “Tiny” but valuable advantages were urged into the production process. All these factors tempered a massive enterprise superiority.

Product Certificate

Vercon applied the main necessary product certificating services like CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, and Quality System. They also help worldwide clients to apply for necessary certificating for importing and marketing purposes. To enhance product quality, our work is under tight cooperation with worldwide product testing labs and organizations.

Smart Mirror Showroom

To better display our products to clients, Vercon guys are enlarging the showroom area together with enlarging the area of production and office. It’s supposed to be finished in the next half of 2022.